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Specialists in Single-Use Fluid Management

Bioprocessing Fittings Brochure

The biopharmaceutical industry has made a strong move towards single-use technology so Nordson MEDICAL has developed a complete product line focused specifically on bioprocessing.

Bioprocessing Fittings Catalog
Bioprocessing Fittings Brochure

The Importance of a One-Stop-Shop - White Paper

The bioprocessing market demands that suppliers be able to assure quality, streamline processes, and limit costs. In this white paper Nordson MEDICAL goes into exquisite detail on how you should evaluate your fluid management partners to be certain that you receive the preeminent and safest single-use components available to your business.

Your are just a few steps from downloading our white paper that explains what you should expect from a progressive supplier in today's bioprocessing market.

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Specialists in Pharmaceutical Development

Nordson MEDICAL serves biotechnology manufacturers the world over. Whether they happen to manufacture therapeutics or vaccines Nordson MEDICAL provides world class single-use fluid transfer components to facilitate breakthrough advances in human and animal care pharmaceutical development.

Pharmaceutical Development

Specialists in Systems Integration

Bioprocessing system integrators rely on quality fluid management components from Nordson MEDICAL. Upstream and downstream systems both demand reliable, high quality fluid transfer components from a variety of suppliers and Nordson MEDICAL delivers unmatched standards specific components time and again that are guaranteed to interconnect within any biopropcessing system regardless of the supplier.

Systems Integration

Why Nordson MEDICAL for Bioprocessing?

Nordson MEDICAL designs and manufactures fluid management components for healthcare OEMs and companies in the biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. We provide a comprehensive design center to help instrumentation and equipment manufacturers achieve the highest level of performance from their applications. Offering off-the-shelf or custom-made products, optimal designs are executed producing reliable and cost-effective results that comply with the industry's strict regulations. Nordson MEDICAL also offers a full quality assurance staff who are available to assist when regulatory and technical questions arise.

Nordson MEDICAL's single-use products include clamps, sanitary fittings, bag ports, valves, gaskets and tubing connectors for the transfer and management of invaluable media.

The patent pending PharmaLok Series offers the biopharmaceutical market a more user-friendly, single-use sanitary clamp for securing fittings to bag ports and filters. Easily operated with one hand, PharmaLok clamps have provided a significant advancement for the industry, which has developed an overwhelming trend in single-use systems.

The SF Series sanitary fitting line is designed for use in single-use container fluid transport, and works with flanges made to the ISO 2852 and ASME-BPE specifications. These connectors are designed to accommodate tubing of varying hardness, from soft and flexible like PVC, silicone and C-flex®, to semi-rigid types like polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

Nordson MEDICAL's high-tech series of bag ports offers a variety of benefits new to the industry. Made from high-purity resin materials for use with aggressive chemicals found in most pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, our plastic connectors offer broad chemical compatibility. Resins that are free of animal derivates and adhere to standards such as ISO 10993 and USP Class VI for example, are particularly important in biopharmaceutical applications.

Founding Member BPSA - Bio-Process Systems Alliance

BPSA is a unique industry-led non-profit group whose aim is to encourage and advance the adoption and implementation of Single-Use manufacturing systems through education, sharing of best practices, development of consensus guidelines and business-to-business networking opportunities.

Founding Member, BPSA